Wednesday, March 8, 2017

City Forest

Magical, beautiful forest.
Wilderness in the middle of the city.
Evergreens, reds and browns.
Filtered light and soothing silence.
I love this place, and I walk here almost every day.
The picture was taken with my mobile phone on one of my walks this winter,
in Ravenna Park, Seattle.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Good Night, Seattle!

Picture taken from the car window, on Interstate 5, just south of downtown Seattle, January 15th. We arrived only a few days earlier, embarking on a 7-month adventure in the Emerald City.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

More Movies

I haven't been seeing that many movies in theaters these last years (Blame Netflix...) but recently I've been back there again, several times actually, and I realized I'd almost forgotten the thrill of the real cinema experience. The darkness. The big screen. The smell of popcorn. And, yes, even the commercials and movie previews. Since I moved back to Seattle in mid-January, I've been back in a movie theater all of four times.

First, there was "Manchester by the Sea", with my husband. Sundance Cinema in the University District, one of the theaters we can walk to, something I truly appreciate.

What can I say? A movie I will not easily forget. Terrible and terrific. Love the tuned-down action. The pictures. Even the hurt.

Then, I went to see La La Land. This time with my friend, her daughter, my son and daughter. And, this was downtown Seattle, at AMC Pacific Place.

Now of course you all know about this movie, from all the awards and nominations, etc.
I didn't know that much before I saw it, but what delightful two hours. The acting, the colors, the music. The words. Beautiful, dreamy.

The next movie was Lego Batman Movie. At Regal Meridian 16, Downtown Seattle.

I'll admit, this one wouldn't exactly be my first pick, but it made for a nice winter break Friday afternoon, with my husband and two youngest kids. And, yes, I did have a good time. And popcorn too. 

Last week I went back to (walked back to) Sundance, to see Moonlight with my husband.

To me, being a European in America, this was to me a very non-American movie.
In many ways I felt like we were peeking through a window and getting a glimpse of a young man's life. 
Not a strong storyline. Not lots of suspense. Just life. And that's anything but nothing. 
I will not forget Moonlight either, even though I didn't catch all the words in all the conversations.