Monday, August 29, 2016

To be moved by fish. (Finding Dory)


Great cinema experience yesterday, for the 8-year-old, the 12-year-old, the 17-year-old and the two 45-year-olds. 
One thing is that you laugh out loud many times, but when you also end up getting moved, touched, by fish! Touched by cartoon fish, to be more specific, well, then the movie makers have done a pretty good job. I recommend this movie to everybody. It's about being different. It's about overcoming personal problems. About thinking outside the box, finding solutions. And it's about not judging people by their appearance. And then, with "Unforgettable" during the end credits, one can relax and enjoy thinking about the movie. (And the few of us who actually sat through all the credits, got the bonus: An extra scene at the end.😄)


Flott kinoopplevelse i går, for 8-åringen, 12-åringen, 17-åringen og de to 45-åringene! 
En ting er at man gapskratter mange ganger mens man sitter der i salen, men når man i tillegg blir rørt... av fisk! Blir rørt av tegnefilm-fisk faktisk, da tenker jeg at filmskaperne har gjort en ganske god jobb. 

Anbefaler alle å se "Finding Dory". Det handler om annerledeshet. Om å overkomme personlige problemer. Om tilhørighet og vennskap. Om å ikke dømme folk etter førsteinntrykket. Og med "Unforgettable" mens rulletekstene gikk, satt jeg og koste meg og fordøyde det jeg nettopp så. (Og vi få som satt gjennom absolutt alle rulletekstene fikk bonus: En herlig ekstra scene helt til slutt! 

Official trailer:

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Ok, so it was yesterday, but after posting this picture to Facebbok, I didn't get around to posting it here, as was the original plan, so here goes:

We've been married for 22 years, been hanging out a couple of years more than that, and we have four kids born in three countries. 

Life is an adventure, I'm lucky to be traveling trough it with this man, and it's really true that the road is made by walking..
Looking forward to the next chapter of our story!