Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Day - Rembrandt

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One of Rembrandts less known paintings, but one of my favorites and very untraditional!
It is called "The pilgrims of Emmaus", and it shows the awestruck face of the man who just realized it is Jesus sitting there sharing the evening meal with them. The way it is painted, we have the illusion that the light comes from Jesus, lighting up the other man's face. Jesus himself is shown in silhuette, he who is the reason we have all these holidays... (In Norway, both Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays.)
Happy Easter!

Det er et av Rembrandts mindre kjente bilder, men en av mine favoritter og svært utradisjonelt!
Det heter "Emmausvandrerne" og viser forskrekkelsen til han som akkurat har skjønt at det er Jesus som sitter der på den andre siden av bordet...
Måten bildet er malt på, gjør at det virker som lyset kommer fra Jesus og lyser opp ansiktet på den forskrekkede mannen. Jesus selv er i silhuett, han som er årsaken til at vi har alle disse fridagene...

God påske! 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Eve - Deposition by Raphael

This beautiful and emotional scene is painted by Raphael in 1507.  We see Christ being taken down from the cross.  Mary, his mother, is to the right of the painting, eyes closed, falling into the other women's arms. Mary Magdalene is holding his hand and looking sick with grief. 
The painting is upstairs in the small, but wonderful Galleria Borghese in Rome.

"Nedtagelsen fra korset." Malt i 1507, av Rafael. Vi ser Kristus bli tatt ned fra korset. Maria, hans mor er til høyre i bildet, med lukkede øyne, faller sammen i armene på de andre kvinnene. Maria Magdalena holder hånden hans, med et blikk fullt av sorg.
Bildet henger i det lille, men vidunderlige Borghese-galleriet i Roma.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday - El Greco

Good Friday
This was painted over 400 years ago by El Greco and it depicts Christ being stripped of his garments before the crucifixion. It can be seen in the National Gallery in Oslo, Norway, and it's one of those paintings I have to see every time I'm there.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Maundy Thursday - Ghirlandaio

It's Maundy Thursday (Skjærtorsdag, Jeudi Saint) today, and I choose to repost this mural painting by Domenico Ghirlandaio.  It's on the inner wall of the refectory (dining hall) of the Ognissanti Monastery in Florence, Italy. I went there this February, and early one morning, I sat there, all alone in this large empty space which is the refectory.  A long, plain room, with this masterpiece in the far end. It's almost nine metres long and 4 metres tall, and it contains trompe-l'oeuil paintings of archictecture; vaults and columns, painted to give us the illusion that the room stretches out far beyond the actual wall.
Ghirlandaio painted this in 1480, about 10 years before Leonardo da Vinci made his version in Milan.  It is believed that Leonardo was well aquinted with Ghirlandaio's Last Supper, and that he actually was inspired by it.  There is many similarities in the way the two artists have interpreted the scene of Christ's last meal with his friends, the meal were he annunced that one of them would betray him.  On this painting, you see him, Judas Iskariot, sitting on our side of the table...
The disciple John has fallen asleep and is leaning on Jesus, which is sitting a little bit to the side, and not in plain center, as on Leonardo's painting.
"Do this in remembrance of me", was Christ's words, after breaking the bread and passing around the cup of wine."