Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ignorance by Milan Kundera

While browsing throuch a used books section in a Paris bookstore. I found this novel by Czech author Milan Kundera: L'Ignorance. (In English: Ignorance) written in 1999,  in French, as Kundera has been living in France since 1975 and been a French citizen since 1981.
The book is about homecoming. Going back to a place you once left and realizing that nothing is the same. It's not longer your home. Your memories don't match those of the ones who never left, and your story is almost impossible to tell. 
We meet to exile Czechs, Irena and Josef, who meet (again) and realize their versions of the past, of memories, of love, are quite different...
A book about love, leaving, coming back, identity and history. The novel isn't big, but it contains a lot, and I underlined a lot...

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