Friday, February 14, 2014

Le Voleur d'Ombres (The Stealer of Shadows)

A couple of weeks ago I read this book: Le Voleur d'Ombres by Marc Levy, the most-read French author in the world. His books are translated to more than 40 languages, but this one is not yet published in English. 

I think this novel might be the best I've read by Marc Levy, and I'll repeat what I wrote about Astrid & Veronika, it is a grand, little book. It's not very long, but those pages are filled with so much beauty, sorrow and insight about childhood, growing up, friendship, love and life in general, that I ended up both laughing and crying. 

The main character, a young boy, discovers that he has the ability to switch shadows with other people, and the shadows teach him important truths about them. This may sound strange, but as with a lot of not-normal things, we accept them as we read on. What's important, is his relationships: With his father, who leaves him, with his mother, his best friend and his soulmate...

Once again, one my favorite authors didn't disappoint me! :-)

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