Thursday, December 12, 2013

Stille Natt / Silent Night

The other night I got to experience this: A traditional Advent church concert, something that has become rather popular in Norway, with groups of singers and musicians touring the churches of Norway in the weeks before Christmas, but I hadn't really made this tradition mine - until a couple of nights ago when I attended Stille Natt, Hellige Natt (Silent Night, Holy Night) in my local church.
What a treat. I think I don't exaggerate if I say that I had tears in my eyes from the first solo violin version of "Silent Night" until the last chorus of "Deilig er Jorden" (Tune: "Fairest Lord Jesus").
Rune Larsen has been an artist for more than 50 years, Tor Endresen and Elisabeth Andreassen are both well known singers for several generations of Norwegians, Mariann Aas Hansen and Alexander Rybak are younger artists, but have made themselves well known and loved for their music and their performances. With two excellent musicians to accompagnate, the whole was a beautiful and emotional show.

Here is a clip from Norwegian television, a promotion for the concert tour:

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