Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Messenger. A story.

She had been walking forever. It was a steep and difficult hike, up a high mountain, and there were pointy rocks and hardly any rest at all. She wanted to stop. Turn around. Quit. She was so tired, more than ever before. Her feet hurt, and she didn't really see any point in continuing. Besides, it was freezing, and she wasn't dressed warmly enough for this hike. The cold seeped into her bones, and she feared for her life.

She turned around, tried to make sense of the landscape around her, deciding which way to go, but the fog was so heavy that it had become impossible to see the path. To make matters worse, night was falling quickly, as it does in the mountains, and thick darkness soon closed around her like a deathly glove. 

Then, a sudden light. What was that? She stared and blinked, and out of the darkness, somebody emerged. Somebody she didn't expect to be there. This somebody held a lantern in front of her and told her that she was in fact very close to a warm shelter where she could spend the night, get something to eat, and even be offered new clothes for the hike next day. She just had to walk a little longer, but she would be there.

-Are you a guide? she asked. 

-Oh no, was the answer. -I'm just the messenger. The guide has been there all along. Didn't you know?

The messenger lifted the lantern a little bit higher, and now she could see a glimpse of him, the guide who was, just as she was told, walking the path just ahead of her. 

-He has just walked ahead, the messenger continued, -to make sure the wood fire is burning when you arrive.

She was so happy she couldn't stop crying, because she knew she was safe now, even though the hike wasn't over yet...

Everybody is struggling with something. Some of us more than others. Life can be hard, and sometimes you just don't want to continue. Then, there are probably somebody who can help you. Somebody you didn't necessarily expect to be there. Even if you think there isn't any, a person may suddenly appear, and he or she will let you know you'll make it, even if you didn't think so. Let you know that there is hope. That somebody is walking with you.

I hope you find this, your living angel. There are maybe even two of them...

Messengers, helpers, friends...


  1. Oj, det var vakkert og veldig sant, Kristine. Du skriver nydelig! Mennesker som blir små mirakler i tilværelsen finnes heldigvis mange steder. God søndag!

    1. Tusen takk, Barbro!
      Og ja, det er sant. De finnes. :-) God søndag til deg også!

  2. Nydelige ord fra ei nydelig venninne! <3

    1. Tusen takk, Elisabeth! (Og det er du også <3)


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