Saturday, June 8, 2013

Traveling and enjoying it! (Mother-Daughter Trip to Farsund)

During the Winter holidays (February) my 9-year-old daughter and I took a trip to Farsund, to see a good friend. Our journey was like this: A car ride, a bus ride, an airplane flight, another bus ride, yet another bus ride, and a car ride.  It took about 11 hours. That's Norway. A small country, but travelling just takes time. 
The thing is, we really enjoyed our full day of traveling. We spent the hours talking, laughing, eating, and we watched the scenery shift from our snow- winter wonderland to the near spring-like coastal landscape in the far south. And, when you live in a large family, spending time with just one child, that's priceless!

Her first airplane flight in three years: Making sure the security belt is closed.

Got a window seat. Spent most of the short flight looking out of the window. 

Waiting a few hours for the next bus: Hot chocolate...

Beautiful Farsund

Lunch and journal writing!

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