Sunday, March 24, 2013

Palm Sunday Art

It's Palm Sunday today, the day that opens the Easter Holiday and the Holy Week (Norwegian: Den Stille Uke)
This painting by Dutch painter Anthony Van Dyck, (1616) can be seen in Indianapolis Museum of Art.
I haven't seen it IRL, and there aren't that many paintings showing this particular scene, that is Christ entering Jerusalem, riding on a donkey, while people greeted him with shouts of "Hosanna!", laying down their garments for him, like a red carpet, and waving palm leaves.
I lIke this one. The baroque style, expressive, real, with a mystery figure hiding in the shadow. Maybe Judas?..

Another one, by James Jaqcues Tissot, painted around 1890

And a much older one, a mural by Giotto, painted in 1304-1306.

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