Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Creation: Work and Inspiration

Creation is one of the essentials of humanity. I'm not talking about the creation of man, but of our abilitiy to create, our creativity. 
When I was very young (yes, it's me in the photo), I guess I mostly created
what most babies create, (don't worry, I won't elaborate) but as one can see from the picture, this creation of mine was considered important, so important that the moment was captured and frozen in time.
These days it's about writing. And as I'm working and fighting against lack of time and lack of inspiration, sometimes I feel like this:
It's just so hard. So difficult. And feelings and thoughts of doubt creeps up around me, whispering in my ears that I'm not able to do this.
 Then, I see light once in a while, and there is progress. Words start flowing on to the page, I can hardly write fast enough to keep up.  
That's when I  start believing that one day it will happen. Maybe?..

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