Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bivrfrost by Frikar / Dance Show

Yesterday I went to see a dance show, Bivfrost, with my 13-year-old son.  Frikar, a Norwegian dance company has created a fairytale about how to deal with racism and the fear of the unknown. Traditional Norwegian folk dance, lausdans, is combined with elements from break dance and Asian martial arts, and the result is both extremely impressing and very beautiful to watch, sometimes even funny.
"Bivrfrost" was, in the ancient Norse religion, a bridge that went from Åsgard (where the gods lived) to "Midgard" (where the humans lived). It was impossible for humans to enter the bridge, since the placement of it was constantly and magically changed.

This show is inspired by this.  The king promises the princess and one half of the kingdom to the one who can build a bridge between the two rivalizing cultures, make them unite.
This fairytale of a dance performance is made and directed by Frikar founder Halgrim Hansegård, and it is a co-production with Teater Innlandet, a regional theater company. For those who are in Norway, it is still possible to see it for a few more days, for instance in Hamar.

A little video presentation of the show:

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