Thursday, November 15, 2012

All I can do is sit and wait...

Earlier I wrote about having kicked my baby bird out of the nest, and how scary that felt, how worried I was that it wouldn't be able to fly by itself.
Well, now it has been 5 weeks and 1 day, and I still have no clue. I'm still standing there in the nest, peeking over the side, watching to see if the baby bird flies or falls to the ground.
And, just to make that clear. My "baby bird" is a manuscript.
I'm still waiting. And, what else can I do, than sit and wait for a good result? Well, life goes on, of course. I've been guiding and teaching a group in Florence, Italy, I've been taking pictures in my studio, and I keep writing, both new stuff, and constantly editing what's already there. But, still, I'm waiting, because a rather large chunk of my brain is constantly working the question: What will happen to that baby bird?
Then, while writing this, a song comes to mind: "Sit and Wait" with Sydney Youngblood, from 1989.  There is even a line about being ready to fly...

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