Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Abrahams Barn / The Children of Abraham

Last Sunday I went to see the show Abrahams Barn  (Children of Abraham) created by Svein Tindberg and directed by Kjetil Bang-Hansen. The only person on stage is Svein Tindberg. It's basically a 2 hour-long monologue, and it's amazing. Through stories, anectdotes, facts and humor, he  tells us about the origins of the three religions Juadism, Christianism and Islam, and how all three religions claim Abraham as their founding father. What Tindberg does during these hours on stage, is painting a picture where we get to see that there are so many common references, so many stories and legends which are the same, just told in different ways. He asks questions, wonders why the need to fight and to kill, when we really all are... the children of Abraham. 

Svein Tindberg builds bridges with this play. Bridges across the abysses of ignorance, fear and prejudice. I learned a lot, and had lots of "lightbulb moments". 

The show has been played for months in Oslo (Det Norske Teatret), and now it has started touring Norway with Riksteatret. Everybody should see this. And everybody should talk about it, tell people about it, especially their children. The world needs this kind of input.  The world needs people like Svein Tindberg.
Thank you!

All photos: Dag Jenssen

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