Thursday, October 11, 2012

Baby Bird kicked out of Nest

It happened yesterday. I kicked my baby bird out of the nest. Not literally, of course, but I think it's a perfect image of what I did: My writing project, a 324-page-long manuscript for a novel, was mailed off to a publisher. Standing there in the post office, I was dizzy and completely giddy, didn't know if I was going to laugh or cry, and I kept dropping my car keys, or my pen, or the extra envelope I was carrying, and in the end a box of paper clips, which scattered all over the floor, so that I had to crawl around and pick them up while people were staring, before I finally got to seal the heavy package, make sure the stamps stayed on, and push it through the opening in the wall. 

In Norway aspiring authors send their manuscripts directly to a publisher, and there will be  an answer after 3-8 weeks.  The odds of getting published are extremely slim, and I'm very well aware of the fact that I've just started the nerve wracking  journey on the roller coaster of hope and disappointment.

But I have to believe in this. Believe it may happen. A wise woman, herself an artist and writer, told me this today: "Faith is and patience and persistence..."

So I choose to cross my fingers and believe that my baby bird has the strength to fly. We'll see....


  1. Non-writers often don't realise just how painstakingly difficult it can be to get work published, so I keep my fingers crossed for you and hope that you become one of the lucky few. :)
    Best of luck!

  2. Replies
    1. Så denne først nå, beklager sen respons fra meg. Tusen takk!!! :-) Og ha en fin adventstid!


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