Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Art of Parenting (Chr. Krohg: "Braiding her Hair")

I saw this painting today, in Oslo's National Museum of Art  I've seen it many times before, both reproduced, and IRL, like today.
I like to visit the museum when I'm in the neighborhood,  and  even if I only have about half an hour, I drop by, just to see a few of my favorites.
"Braiding her hair" ("Håret Flettes") is painted by Christian Krohg, a famous Norwegian painter and writer.
This painting was made in 1882, and it's really a snapshot of a very common scene in the life of a family.
(Just like "Sleeping mother with child", painted a year later, it is part of his Skagen Series.)
I think it's beautiful, in a simple, unpretentious way, and it makes me emotional, just because I know that one day I won't be braiding a daughter's hair anymore...
These simple, ordinary tasks I do as a parent, they will remain as memories, as pictures in my mind, and even if I'm still braiding hair now and then, this painting brought tears to my eyes today. Just like the song "Slipping through my fingers" does. (Click on the link to listen to it.)
So, my message is this:
Seize the day and  the moment. Hold on to the small, seemingly insignificant details of your life as a parent. They are life, pure and simple.

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