Thursday, August 23, 2012


Drawing borrowed from Count Sneaky's Journal
I'm writing these days. Almost nonstop now, when I'm not parenting or working as a photographer.
And before long, hopefully, there will be a finished manuscript. I'm reading and re-reading and I'm constantly re-writing my text. The hard part will be how to know when enough is enough, when I can push the baby bird out of the nest and see if it soars or falls to the ground...


  1. I don't have a problem knowing when to push the baby bird out of the nest, my fear is there will be no one there to watch him fly.

    1. Well, I'll worry about that once I know that he does fly!
      He might be a lonesome flyer, but it's better than sit on the ground, isn't it?
      If I push him out before he's ready, well, fatal results might occur.
      Safer to keep him in the nest for a while yet,
      but what I really need is somebody to stand there and catch him, if he falls.
      That way I might put him back in the nest for a little while - and maybe try again one day....


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