Thursday, August 30, 2012


I'm back in Florence.  All myself. My agenda is this: Prepare the group tour this october by visiting some more places and "walk up" my itineraries. Then comes research for my writing project. (Which is very much about Florence) and, of course, write. 
I also get to work on my Italian, by listening, talking to people, and trying to learn and improve all the time.
Then it is this other, more hard to describe, aspect, which for me go with all traveling: Just going, and just being there. 
To travel - go somewhere -  and then be there, in another place. Just being there. 
Realizing and enjoying the fact that our senses get sharpened whenever we are removed from our own,  familiar zone.
I need it once in a while. I think we all do. I need it for many reasons, and it fuels me for my everyday life.

The Norwegian poet Helge Torvund has written it beautifully in this poem: (Translation further down)

Igjen dreg eg ut for å finna attende
Igjen reiser eg for å koma bort
frå alt kvardagen kan klare
like godt utan meg
Eg vaskar meg i nye landskap
Skyler pupillane i fontenar
i andre hovudstadar
og kjenner augene klarna
Eg sym i folkemassar
og kjenner folk venda attende til meg
med ny kraft, kroppsleg tilstades
Eg dreg ut og kjem attende
til tidlegare dagar
Då eg sat godt aleine
på eit framandt torg
og forstod så mykje
med bare augene
utan å vite
at eg var lykkeleg

Then, an English translation by me.  I feel it's very close to Torvund's Norwegian words, and hope he will agree:

Once again I leave, so I can find my way back
Once again I leave, so that I can get away
from everything that everyday life can manage
without me
I wash myself in new sceneries
Rince my pupils in fountains
in other capitals
and feel my eyes clear up
I swim in crowds of people
and feel people coming back to me
with new power, bodily present

I leave and I come back
to earlier days
When I sat well alone
on a foreign city square
and understood so much
with only my eyes
without knowing
that I was happy

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