Monday, August 20, 2012

Skibladner - The World's oldest Paddle Steamer

Skibladner on lake Mjøsa, just outside Gjøvik. Photo: Odd Roar Lange.

The paddle steamer Skibladner is a Norwegian icon. Built in 1856, she is the world's oldest paddle steamer still in timetabled service. In the beginning, her mission was to bring people from the train station in Eidsvoll to the three towns around lake Mjøsa: Gjøvik, Hamar and Lillehammer.
Almost 160 years later, with railway and roads all over the country, she still shuttles between the Mjøsa towns all summer long.
This year we took a roundtrip with the ship, from Gjøvik to Hamar and back. A beatuiful journey on Norway's largest lake.

Waiting to board the ship.

Reading while waiting

And, we're off!

Will we fit under that bridge?...

Reading, writing, having a snack on the deck.

The captain 

 Three young skippers! 
(They really got to steer the vessel!)

Everybody got to visit the machine room downstairs. Hot, noisy, but fun!

In Hamar, where we went of the ship for a little while.

Back home.

Bye, Skibladner. See you.

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