Friday, August 3, 2012

Flower Beauty

I wanted some greenery outside my photography studio, so I purchased this ivy-ish climbing plant that I thought would look nice covering the banister of the little porch. We dug a deep hole in the gravel, filled it with soil and fertilizer and put down the little, green baby plant. Then fall came, and winter (which is rather harsh around here), and when the heavy layer of snow finally disappeared, I didn't have much hope for that little brownish stick poking up from the dirt. I thought about pulling it up, but luckily I'm prone to procrastination, so I never got around to throwing it out.
And then, suddenly, there was sign of life: A tiny, green leaf folding out towards the sun, and before long the plant went crazy: Stretching, growing, throwing out its small strings, clinging to the banister, sprouting new leaves every day, almost as if it wanted to convince me about its wanting to live. It was beautiful.
I would have been more than happy with this greenery, and I was rather surprised to see a bud, then another and then another still.
What a miracle.
Would there even be flowers here?
Oh yes. Before long the little plant became this beautiful craziness of star-like flowers, greeting me every time I pass the studio entrance. It sure doesn't look like a scene from a Nordic country.
Now I've learned that the plant is called clematis, and that it's not suppose to thrive in this climate...
What a great role model this is for everybody who is struggling with any kind of battle. Reach for the stars!

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