Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First day of real work - or not...

Yesterday was back to school - day for my three oldest children, and my youngest was going to preschool, as he does three days a week. I had lots of stuff sitting on my desk, and most importantly, I was going to write a lot, more specifically go over this project I've been working on for a while. Well, after about two hours, I got (for the first time ever!) a call from my son's preschool: He wasn't feeling well, and he was complaining of stomach ache and nausea. Now he was lying on the floor, not wanting to play. 
So, I quickly left my home office to pick up a little boy who was very happy to ride in a stroller all the way home and then rest on the couch for a while. He explained that his pain was "a five" (out of ten, he his really good about describing pain!), and then, after a while, it was "a one", and then "a zero"
Last night he felt all good,  and today, as it was one of  his "stay at home with mommy-days", he went for a walk with me, talked, smiled and was back to his normal, playful self again. Maybe I'll get to do some writing tomorrow?
(Picture taken about a week ago.)

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