Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Country Café

Another Stay-cation destination: Skafferiet, a charming country-romantic café and clothes/interiour design store at  Helgøya, a beautiful l island in the middle of  lake Mjøsa. After a scenic drive along the lake shore, we had cake, juice and coffee served to us between the old apple trees.
The place is a really historic one. People inhabited this island as early as year 2000 BC, and during the viking period, the site of the café used to be home for the local kings as well as a pagan sanctuary. Later, during the Middle Ages, the area became property of a Christian monastery.
The Norwegian word for holy is hellig, and this gave the island its name. Holy island - Helgøya.
Today the island is covered with large fields of wheat and potatoes, and there is this little peaceful spot, a perfect place to spend some afternoon hours, have a cup of coffee and simply enjoy the day.

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