Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer visit

Summer's here. I believe an important part of summer holidays, especially in a child's life, is just hanging out, enjoying life, playing and having fun.
I had a good friend staying this week, and we got to do just that. Go swimming, eat ice cream, play, talk.
A few snapshots of the kids, mine and my friend's:

Playing in the park
Leking in parken

Adrianne 10 

Alma 8 

Eileen 7

Jessica 5

Jonatan 4 

At the swimming pool!
Ved badebassenget!

Taking a break from the water, playing on the statue
En pause fra vannet, gøy å klatre på statuen

Enough swimming in cold water...
Nok iskaldt vann for i dag...

Playing in the back yard
Leking i hagen


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