Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Falcon Peak" Summer Hike

We've just had a few days of sight-seeing in our own country. Lots of driving on not so fast roads, and lots of beautiful scenery. The other day we went hiking on small mountain in Telemark: "Falkenuten" (= "Falcon peak"). The trail is very special, since it's not, as usually in Norway, a dirt track with occasional stretches of wetland, mud or water and in the end a slipperly slope of tumbling rocks. Not this one. A team of sherpas fron Nepal have been here, creating this wonderfu trail, made out of large slabs of rock, securely dug into the earth, where water is lead underneath, through "channels" dug out and framed by rock. In the beginning, I felt like were walking through a scene in "The the Wizard of Oz", since the beautiful paved trail winded between young birch trees and beautiful mountain flowers.
Towards the top, where the mountain itself creates a perfect floor,  we met a flock of sheep, very curious and intrigued by our presence. My animal-loving kids were thrilled by this.
And then, the view. Lakes, mountains, huge sky. Really the perfect afternoon hike, with my 4-year-old pratically running all the way to the top, leading the way, while also taking the time to pick flowers.


  1. Veldig norsk sommer
    Fine stemninger
    Ønsker deg ei riktig god helg:-)


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