Thursday, July 12, 2012

Book Review: Les yeux au ciel

This book: Les Yeux au Ciel, by French author Karine Reysset, is part of my 2012 reading challenge. The challenge is basically about getting to read books I have had sitting on my shelf for a while, and this novel, being published in 2011, was one of the newest on my "to be read"-list. I picked it up last year in Saint-Etienne, and the author is new to me.  What a pleasure to discover such a great writer, and learn that she has written four other books!
The story is about a large family reuniting for their father/grandfather's 70th birthday, in the old family villa on the Bretagne coast in France.
Little by little we get to know all the different personalities, their struggles, and their family tragedy...
It's wonderfully written, in a fluent every-day French, but there are also lots of beautiful, poetic descriptions of feelings, memories, relationships.

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