Sunday, June 3, 2012

Venus of Milo

Venus of Milo  is by far the most known statue of the Louvre Museum in Paris, and definitively one of the world's most famous as well. The slightly larger-than-life statue was discovered in the sea outside the Greek island of Milos in 1820. She was probably made around year 100 BC
There are many reasons to why she has become so famous.  One of them, and the most important by my opinion, is that we're talking about a real, original Greek marble statue.  Most of the marble statues we know of from the classical period are not originals, but Roman copies, made up to several hundred years later. Most classical Greek sculptures were made of bronze, not marble, and when the Romans  conquered Greece, they made marble copies of many of the statues, before  the originals were melted and turned into weapons. Well, Venus, or rather Aphrodite of Milo is one of these very rare originals we can still enjoy from ancient Greece. You should  go and see her if you're ever in Paris. And, don't really mind the crowds.  Just see her, and then move on.

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