Friday, June 22, 2012

Last day of school

My two eldest children, 12 years ago.
Well, yes.  Today was the very last day of this school year, and I'm in that strange happy-sad mood that comes with thinking about time passing by... I can't believe how much these children change in so short a time span.  It feels like yesterday when I was a new mother, and last night I attended the nice, festive and somewhat melancholic graduation for my eldest daughter, who has now finished 10 years of school. How is that possible?
The day before it was pretty much the same at  my eldest son's graduation from primary school (7 years).
They were nicely dressed up for the occasion, she in traditional, national costume, and he in his black suit, and they both looked so grown up...
Each of them played the piano in front of everybody at their seremony, and I was so  proud, listening to their music and the following applause.
Teachers, students and parents held speeches,flowers and diplomas were given on stage, and there were lots of hugs, and a few tears here and there...
For my two youngest children, there is just the end of a school year and the beginning of a long summer holiday, but for these two, an era is over, and another one is about to start in a few months.
By the end of August, I'll have one child in high school, on in junior high, one in primary and one in preschool. Different stages of life, but all of them still under my wings for a few more years.
Life really is short.
And childhood even more so.

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