Sunday, March 4, 2012

School tomorrow...

Photo: Robert Doisneau 1950
So, after this first week in Paris, where we've been all together more less non-stop, things will be different from now on...

My two youngest will start school tomorrow, and we have a meeting in the two eldest's school, where they start the day after.

We have a pragmatic attitude towards this, meaning that, if it doesn't work out, if either one of the kids is not happy with the Parisian school experience, we'll do home schooling during these weeks.  But, I really hope it will work out, since I believe it will give them something great to carry with them in life.  They'll learn lots of language, of course, and probably much more, and, hopefully, they'll make new friends.
There is me too. If we do homeschooling here, I can forget about my researching, studying and writing projects. Or, I may not have to forget about it completely, but it will definitively be harder, since we live in a tiny apartment here, and my husband has to go to work.

But, right now, I'm most of all anxious because of the little ones, and mostly because of my youngest.  He is so sensitive, constantly taking in the world around him, and he is a thinker, analyzing and questioning everything...
The school the youngest will be attending, looks great, though.  It's mall, cozy, and they have 50% of the teaching in English language. I do think they will love it there! But right now, while watching my little boy sleep, I just hope and pray everything will turn out for the best, that this will be a good thing for him and his siblings.

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