Thursday, March 1, 2012

Getting settled in Paris

Arrived in Paris two days ago, after 2 1/2 days of traveling. Our apartment is really nice, and not that tiny after all.  Or, it is tiny, I guess, but maybe the simple fact that we knew, helped us see it differently, and also that we really thought about how we were going to manage, helped making the transition smoother.
And, it's cozy here. The building is from the 1800's, with high stucco ceilings, wooden floors and the typical French windows. The area is perfect. Montmartre, cafés, parks, playgrounds. It's lively, but not noisy. We'll like it here!
But, getting settled takes some time.  Unpacking, looking for lost items, and lots of organizing and making of systems. After all, we'll stay here for 7 weeks, and even though we are in the worlds most beautiful city, we'll have everyday life here, with work, school, grocery shopping and laundry.

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