Saturday, March 31, 2012


Today I bought some branches of boxwood on the street outside my Parisian apartment. This is a French Christian tradition: You keep the branches in your house, let them dry, and next year on Ash Wednesday, you burn them until they're all ashes... 
Then, during the Lent Season, you don't have any boxwood in your house, until next Palm Sunday, when you go out and pick up new branches.
It's a symbol, and it might bring you luck. I love picking up traditions, and even though I've lived many times, and many years in France, I didn't know about this particular one.  I saw the women selling boxwood in the street, and I went over and asked them what it was all about.  I did have an idea it was for Palm Sunday, but I guessed the point would be to bring the branches to church tomorrow. 
Now I know.

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