Monday, March 19, 2012

Book Review: Mes Amis Mes Amours

I'm continuing my climb on "Mount Vancouver" (The reading challenge I do this year, see here for explications!) This was the 4th book I read, and I finished it in February, while sitting on a porch in the old city of Florence.
Mes Amis Mes Amours is written by Marc Lévy.  Many of his novels are translated to English, but I can't find a translation for this one.  So, for the moment, it looks like you have to read French to enjoy it. But: There is a movie based on this book: "London, mon amour", I haven't seen it, but it might be a good way of getting to know the characters and the story.
It's about two men in their thirties. Divorced, fathers, old friends, they end up living together in "Frog Valley", the "French ghetto" of London, UK.
The title translates "My friends, my loves", and that about says it all.  It's about friendship, parenthood, love, lost love, and it's about starting all over, being in a foreign country, finding a direction.  A nice read. A good, little book from one of my favorite French writers.

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