Sunday, February 19, 2012

Paris in a week

Well, yes.  In exactly one week from today, we'll be heading towards Paris, where we'll stay for the rest of this winter, and hopefully experience some spring too!
Work is more less taken care of,  we've arranged for a cat- and house sitter , we've found schools for all four children, and, most importantly, a place to live; a little apartment where the 6 of us will learn how to manage with less space around us.  That part is scary, but then again, it might be good.  After all, most people in the world live far more crowded than the average Norwegian family, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.  Increasingly smaller families in increasingly bigger houses - that has been the trend in our corner of the world. This might actually be very cozy and snug, and, we're after all on the Montmartre hill, a neighborhood with nice parks, playgrounds, cafés, shops and lots of stairs and steep, crawling streets. I'm looking forward to these weeks!

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