Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kolya - the movie

Soviet occupied Czechoslovakia. Louka, a cello player who is kicked out of the symphony orchestra because of anti-communism ideas, and now he earns his life by playing the cello at funerals and painting tombstones, while constantly chasing after the ladies. 
Living alone in a bohemian kind of loft, with an amazing view of rooftops and church spears, he would never think about marriage and family. 
Kolya, little Russian boy, shows up one day, and he is going to completely change Louka's life and  personality...
A beautiful and funny, yet serious, little movie, which I just discovered.  It's written by Pavel Taussig and Zdenek Sverák, directed by Jan Sverák, and the lead roles are played by Zdenek Sverák and Andrei Chalimon. I can highly recommend it!
Kolya was made in 1996. See here for more information. 

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