Friday, January 20, 2012

A Change in Altitude by Anita Shreve

This was the first book I finished this year, and it's part of my take on the  Mount TBR Reading Challenge.
I love this author, and I've already read a couple of other books by the American Anita Shreve.  This one, A Change in Altitude, published in 2009, I'm not sure of what I think about it.  A good read, yes, definitively, but is it a really good novel?  There are lots of loose ends, there are many characters which I neve got to know very well, and the main character, what is really happening to her?  
Anyway, the story sticks with me after finishing the book, and there are several intriguing points.
The story is this: A young, newlywed American couple, Margaret and Patrick, sets off for an adventurous stay in Kenya.  A few months into their stay, they are invited to join on a climb of Mount Kenya, Africa's second tallest mountain.  They are not at all trained or fit for this, but they do it anyway. Something awful will happen on the mountain, and the main plot is about what's going on in Margaret's mind afterwards. The language is very good, and you really get to know Nairobi and the culture.  I visited there 16 years ago, and lots of things came back to me while reading this book.
Anyway, a book about a  climbing trip was  a good way to start this literary mountain climbing,

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  1. A Change in Altitude is different from books that I typically choose to read, and it took me some time to get into it. I am not a big fan of the adventurous, trek up the mountain kinds, but into the second part of the book, it becomes more interesting when delving into the lives of Margaret and Patrick. There is quite a bit of symbolism going on in this novel, very much of it at the very end. I was disappointed in the lack of closure the reader receives and how it leaves you wondering what happens.


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