Sunday, January 1, 2012

And Winter was back!

New Year's Day 2012. Just a few hours of daylight at this time of the year, and I decided to go for a short walk, in the hope that some air and light would make me feel good. Prolonged sickness and then the Holidays with lots of catering to guests, cooking for many, cleaning up, laundry, all this has taken it's toll, and I woke up this morning feeling like... - well, after all maybe not any worse than all those who partied all night?  
Anyway, I went for a little walk. After days of icy roads and practically no snow, there has been another snowfall, (to my son's great joy!) and my walk was actually hard work, as I was constantly sinking down and having to pull my feet up for each step.  
Coming back inside the house, I was exthausted, and since, it has been all about lying on the coach, reading, drinking tea, listening to music, falling asleep while watching winter sports on TV, waking up again,  talking to my kids and now anticipating dinner (which I'm not cooking!) 
Happy New Year! :-)


  1. Snow is so appealing to me right now: It is 43*C where I am today, the third day straight of 40+. The sun zaps all energy and I'm feeling tired and lazy.
    New year productivity will have to wait until another day. ;)

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  3. Wow. 40+ Celcius is tough in the long run. Wishing you a cooling breeze and some fresher days to bring you energy!
    But, be glad about the sun though. You get plenty of vitamin D and energy in a different way than when it's dark for 18 hours a day... :-)


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