Monday, December 5, 2011

Small things may have a huge impact!

A few weeks ago I wrote this piece in the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. It's about the importance of Norwegian parents taking responsibility in including immigrant kids in birthday parties and other kid activities.  I think this may have a big impact, because it helps in closing the gap between cultures.  Kids who become friends, don't care about culture, religion or where you come from, they just play, and this is a wonderful basis for building a multi-culturual society.  Connecting our kids may actually helpe us have less prejudice - and a better world to live in!

I was contacted by a journalist from Familieverden, a Norwegian website for parents, who wanted to make a piece on me.  When she learned that I have a personal story to go with my opinion (that we made sure my daughter's classmate from Somalia got to attend her 6-years-birthday party, and that they still are friends, 9 years later), she asked to make an interview with both me and my daughters friend.
Here you can read the article. (Still in Norwegian.)
Then, last week, a regional radio station (NRK 1 Hedmark/Oppland) wanted to make a story on us, and it ended up being broadcasted both regionally and nationally (NRK P2) and also written as a web story on

Photo: Hanne Stine Kind

Here you can listen to the radio broadcast:

It didn't end there.  Before the day was over, we had a TV team coming over, and on Friday night, there was a news story both on the regional network (NRK Østnytt) and on the main national news broadcast (NRK Dagsrevyen)

Here is the TV broadcast, where you even get a glimpse of my youngest, playing on the floor. :-)

Photo: Hanne Stine Kind

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