Saturday, December 10, 2011

Picture of the day: Man and Woman by Picasso

I saw this painting by Pablo Picasso a month ago in the National Gallery in Oslo.  It's made in 1903, and it is very typical for Picasso's blue period. The palette of colors is cold, bluish, and the theme is blue: A man and woman sitting in a café. Their expressions are  gloomy, stiff, frozen, and we can sense there is some kind of tragedy behind the scene.  The picture is often called just "Man and Woman sitting in a café", but the  caption on the frame  says, in French: Le Pauvre Ménage, which translates something like "The poor couple", "the poor family", or "a couple that we feel sorry for."
It's an expressionist painting for sure, and there is so much untold within these brush strokes. Just like "The embrace", that I wrote about earlier this year. 
I feel with them, even though I don' know their story. I can feel the hurt, the cold, the hopelessness, and the emptiness in the woman's eyes...

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