Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December Days.

December days. Mostly about not recovering from this virus or whatever it is that has been bugging me - literally - for over a month now! -  and hanging out with kids who are either sick or not sick any more. We keep a wood fire burning and light a lot of candles, because the days are so short, and flickering flames have this special gift of making hearts warmer.
The kids take turns every day in opening a little present on the Advent calendar on the kitchen wall, they play Christmas tunes on the piano and they prepare gifts and hide secrets in their rooms. I try to get some work done while they're in school, and I try to prevent my house from looking like a total disaster zone. Not sure if I succed that one, though...
I never get to know the bliss of empty hampers, and the kids are getting used to finding their socks, underwear and jeans in the "clean laundry" pile.  But that's ok, after all, and in the middle of these mountains of  laundry not folded, school books, papers and legos, I try to write Christmas cards, while listening to some of my ancient Christmas cd's. And I'm burning incense, - long lovely-smelling sticks bought in Pune (India), Paris or China Town in Vancouver, Candada.
Our world is small. Our life is short. We should try and make the best of whatever is right now. For me, Right Now is a cup of tea, some dark chocolate, a purring kitten by my side, and four sleeping  children I love to death, the fact that now by 10PM I'm showered, already in my PJ's and that it looks like my night will be more than 6 hours. :-) What's your Right Now?

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