Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December Days Part IV

Early morning cello practice today.  It was still dark, and very Christmasy out there, with all this snow, the cold and the decorations all over town. There were four of us playing together this morning, and we went through some Christmas carols, and some pieces by Mendelssohn and Mascagni.
After practicing, we had a coffee in town before getting on with whatever each of us had planned for the day. For me that meant hurrying home so that my husband could go to work. Our youngest is not in full time daycare, so today is one of those days were we just hang out, and get different things done around the house.  We've made some cookie dough (that right now sits in the pantry waiting to become cookies), done some cleaning, playing, had lunch, and I have answered about a 1000 "why?"s .  (That's life with a 4-year-old! ☺)
After lunch we have quiet time. The 4-year-old reads books in his room, and I stretch out on the living-room coach, gathering strength for the rest of the day. Tonight I work as a parent educator, and before that, three other kids are coming home from school, and I think there is some Christmas gift making to be done with my 8-year-old.
Have a wonderful December 20th!

Photo: Gjøvik2011.no

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