Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cute - or really annoying Christmas song?

I have a box of Christmas CD's.  Lots and lots of song, and some of them are beautiful, others are...not so beautiful.  Some of them get easily stuck on your brain, and when that happens with one of those not-so-beautiful-songs, it's really, really annoying.
This one, Dominick the Donkey, isn't very well known in Norway.  I never heard it growing up, and maybe that was a good thing?
The song is really silly, about a "Christmas Donkey" (of all things!), written by Ray Allen, Sam Saltzberg and Wandra Merrell, and recorded in 1960 by Lou Monte.
I warn you, it is for sure one of those songs who easily get stuck on your brain, and you'll end up humming at work, or singing it in the shower.

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