Friday, November 11, 2011

A New Baby...

We have a new baby at home.  Little 8-week-old Lussi (Lucia), an adorable kitten, came to us this Tuesday, and we're all madly in love with her.  She is so cute, funny, cuddly, and when she isn't running around like crazy, climbing on furniture, knocking over flower vases, and chasing toys, she is in her basket, sleeping like - a baby. :-)

Happy (our other cat) disappeared a month ago.  We've been looking everywhere, putting up posters, distributing flyers and having ads published in the local papers, but nothing. The grief has been really tough, hard,  something that could only understood if one ever got attached to a pet...

Last weekend, a neighbor told us about this kitten with no home, and even though we've not completely given up hope of finding Happy, and despite us thinking that it would be wise to wait for a while, we caved - once we saw the little cutie. If Happy comes back, well, we'll have two cats, that's all.

Lussi spent a few hours being scared and unsure about this new setting, but after lunch, when the three-year-old went down for his nap, she decided to copy that, and fell fast asleep in the basket I had prepared for her.

Now she is following us around everywhere in the house, purring and smiling her kitten-smiles, playing with the various cat-toys my youngest daughter has made for her, and suddenly falling asleep, whenever she feels like it.

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