Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Night Thoughts

Night has fallen. My windowpanes are black, an a wind storm is playing with the trees and shrubs in the back yard. Inside my house a wood fire is burning, candles are my main light source, and apart from the wind out there, it's all silence.  I should be in bed by now.  I really should.  This cold or flu or whatever is is hasn't left me yet, and I'm alone with the kids again for some days and surely need my strength tomorrow.  But, this tiny patch of stillness is special to me. I can almost hear the silence, and even just for a few minutes, it is valuable, so I stay, at least for a little while.
There are loads of laundry which should have been folded, sticky floors who badly need some mopping, but after washing and reading to two kids, distributing medicine to another two, and tucking in and hugging all four of them, I just want to sit here for a little while, letting my thoughts wander, breathing and not really thinking or preparing for tomorrow.  Tomorrow, my youngest child's 4th birthday. He will of course have gifts and special attention in the morning, and then, when the others come home, we'll celebrate over dinner and pie.
The kitten is nestling down close to me now. Purring. Her face reminds me of little Simba from The Lion King.  She radiates serenity and comfort, and I can feel myself taking longer breaths just by looking at her. Time to go to sleep now. Good Night.


  1. Tusen takk for hyggelig hilsen og link til godt innlegg hos litt sunnere. Ønsker deg en fin desmeber måned.

    1. Da har jeg endelig fått ordnet med skikkelig epost-varsling for kommentarer. For dette er vel rekord i sent svar. Uansett: Takk for hyggelig kommentar, og god desember (2012) til deg også! :-)


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