Monday, October 10, 2011

Candle days are back

Definitively.  It's that season.  Black windowpanes become mirrors in the morning and at night.
Frost is almost here, and in the house, we put on yet another sweather, to postpone the inevitable: having to turn on the radiators.
Often, and always on these days I'm parenting alone, when my husband is traveling, I get up early, an hour or so before the children.
Sitting at the kitchen table with that first, lifesaving cup of coffee, a candle is burning, and the silence can almost be heard.
Then, I write.  The simple action of writing clears my mind, sorting out all these thoughts that gather up during the night.
I can truly recommend this start to the day, especially to all of you who are taking care of other people in one way or another.  You'll feel calmer, in control (somewhat, hopefully) and ready to take on whatever is needed that day.

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