Monday, October 24, 2011

Autumn Paris in my Heart

This is Paris: The city where I lived for many years.  The city I have visited almost every single year since I was 17. The city I love.
A year ago, I finally put into action what I had been thinking about for a long time: Create discovery trips to Paris.  This past year I've taken three groups to my beautiful city.  I let them disover Paris through walks and small lectures, and we vistit museums and enjoy wonderful meals at my carefully chosen restaurants and cafés.
For me, this is fun, extremely rewarding, and really part of what's essential to life!
After these three first trips where I've been completely on my own, I'm now affiliated with Inspiratour, a Norwegian travel company, but I'll still do the trips my way. Next weekend trip is coming up in May 2012.
The name of my trips is Oppdagelesferd, which translates something like Exploring Trip.  The kind of journey a little child would do, with senses wide open, taking in everything. :-)

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