Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Windows

Finally, after almost 10 years in this house, we're getting the three really old windows changed, that is one bathroom and my two youngest kids' rooms. The old windows have been leaking ice-cold air every winter, so I'm really happy that it's being done now.
My 3-year-old has been excited about this all summer, and has asked almost every day, "When do I get my new window? Tomorrow?"
Yesterday they finally started tearing down molding, and this morning the contractor showed up early, getting to work.  Jonatan was thrilled.  Trotting after the contractor, following every step, asking questions, helping him by holding doors open etc.  He was really bummed when he realized he had to leave with Daddy, but the contractor promised him that when he came home this afternoon, everything would be really nice in his room, and he sort of accepted that. I have the feeling he might be our future handyman!

And, by the way, having contractors at my door early in the morning, when I work from home, and sort of planned on lying in, because of a cold I want to fight back,  that is, well, interesting.  It involves a lot of peeking around the corner, seeing if the coast is clear, since I'm not that comfortable showing my pj's and horrible sleep-hair to everybody...

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