Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tricky Summer Days and Fever Talk.

Yes, summer and kids off school can be complicated when you work from home.  I know I can't plan on getting as much done as I can when the kids are in school, but I try to work in between everything else that is happening, and some days my husband takes the kids to the pool, or on ohter outings, so I get a few hours of concentrated work time.  Other days, I'm parenting full time.
Last week, I got up at 6:30AM and went for a 40 min. car ride in horrible rainy weather, (it rained so hard I could hardly keep the car straight), to talk to a couple whose wedding I'm going to photograph later this summer.  Then there are a baby photography shoot now and then, and I'm in the middle of planning my next guided trip to Paris.
But, now, for a few days, my husband is abroad for work, and I'm alone with my four children, which means no work at all, except answering phone calls and emails. 
Well, it could be nice, taking those days off, just spending quality time with my kids, but, (I'd say of course...)the day before my husband left, I came down with a fever...  I felt really, really bad, but well, you can't get sick when you have four children to take care of, so with lots of Tylenol and strong will, I've been able to be on my feet long enough to cook meals, do some  peace negotiation between siblings when needed, and some house work. Then, I've been back in bed as soon as my youngest has taken his naps, and/or every time the house seemed calm enough for me to dare lying down a little to gather strength.  I've been reading books to the two youngest, though, while lying down.  That's a great side effect to having a sick mom!
Luckily, when I woke up this morning, I felt somewhat better, so hopefully this fever is leaving for good now! And, I'm glad I feel better, because tonight, after dinner and getting the small kids ready for bed, I'm teaching at the health center.  My teenager will hold the fort for 1 1/2 hours.
Borrowed from Lynn Johnston's For Better or For Worse

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