Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Prokofiev's Romeo & Juliet

About a month ago my daughter and I went to Oslo, to experience the Norwegian National Ballet's performance of Prokofiev's Romeo & Juliet. Last time I saw this wonderful ballet was in Paris, in the 90's.  The music is simply amazing, and the story, Shakespeare's tragedy,  is heart-gripping. This choreography was made specifically for the Norwegian National Ballet by Michael Corder in 1992, and it has been performed many times since.  But, this was the first time it was done in the new Opera and Ballet house in Oslo.  My daughter and I  both enjoyed it very much.  Sitting on the front row, we had amazing view both of the stage and of the dancers and their facial expressions.  My daughter has danced classical ballet since the age of 3, so to her this was also an instructive and inspirational experience.

A wonderful goal for a mother-and daughter outing, one that started with the beautiful train ride from our little town, and then a tasty meal at the restaurant Mother India.

Ballets are special.  There is the music, of course, and the dancers, the beauty and the colors.  But there really is the story too, with feelings, horror, joy, anger, love, death...

(Prologue from Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare.)

During one of the intermissions, sitting out by the water.  It's raining, but we are protected by large umbrellas.

And, the show is over...

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