Thursday, June 9, 2011

Never Let Me Go

My sister gave me this novel by Kazuo Ishiguro for my birthday.  I thought it was a love story.  Well, it is too, at least it has that aspect as well, but this book is something far different from what I expected.
It is an intriguing novel, very well written, and as a reader you end up feeling like a child who doesn't fully understand what's going on around him...  And that is exactly what is happening to the characters here!
In the beginning, I googled some words and expressions in an attempt to understand what this was all about, men then I realized that I was not supposed to understand it all, at least not yet...
That's why I'll reveal very little about the story, I'll just give you a few hints:  We meet Cathy, now 30 years old, looking back on her childhood years, spent at Hailsham, a boarding school in the English countryside.  Her friends Ruth and Tommy are also important characters, and so are some of the teachers.
The school seems very idyllic, but there is a dreadful, sickening secret buried underneath all this childhood play and everyday life...

On a deeper level, this is about being human, the importance of relationships, about first love and life in genereal.

Read it!

There is a movie adapted from this novel, and I'll probably see it some day.  But, I'm glad my sister gave me the opportunity to discover Ishiguro's book first!

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