Thursday, June 30, 2011

Midnight in Paris

So. I went to the movies the other night, and - what a treat! 
If you love Paris, if you have ever been in that beautiful city, or, if you want to go there some day, then this is the must-see movie. 
Midnight in Paris, written and directed by Woody Allen, is nothing less than a love letter to Paris, and even I, who has lived there for years, who know very well that the city isn't all about easy life and wonderful feelings (no place on earth is, I just want to make that clear!), I fell in love with the city over again when I watched this movie. 
Beautiful pictures, beautiful music, and a good story, which is sweet and a little bit fantasy-like, but also funny and smile-creating.  Yes, even if you never went to Paris, or really don't think about going there, just go and see this film anyway.  If you can stand those non-realistic elements, that is...  And, even though I'm not that much into fantasy-stuff, well, in this story, I accept it all, and it's lovely!
As usual, I don't want to spill too much, spoilers are definitively not my thing, but the story is this: Young American couple in Paris, Gil and Inez, together with her parents, who are there on business.  Gil is a writer, working on a novel, and when he starts wandering the streets all alone at night, he finds himself back in the 20s, with Hemingway, Picasso, Cole Porter, the Fitzgerald's, Gertrude Stein among others...
I love Midnight in Paris.  No, I'm in love with it.  Childishly in love.  And I want to move back to Paris one day!

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