Saturday, June 25, 2011

Looking back: Norway's Constitution Day

May 17th is Norway's Constitution Day, the National Day, where everybody is outside in the streets, parading, playing music, singing, eating ice cream.  Here comes a series of pictures of May 17th this year:

All four kids, before heading out to the parades.

Parading with Jonatan, in the preschool parade.

With my friend Snehal.

Alma comes by in the parade, with the 2nd graders.

Samuel with the 6th graders.

And Pauline with the 9th graders.

 Samuel with the boy scouts, early in the morning.

Pauline and her friend, - spontanous dancing while waiting for the speech.

 Jonatan fishing for a treasure!

  Alma and her friend preparing for the potatoe race, and Samuel blowing bubbles. (The prize!)

Jonatan's turn in the potatoe race!

Relaxing and hanging out with friends!

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