Sunday, June 26, 2011

Book Review: Committed

On terminal 1 of the Charles-de-Gaulles Airport, waiting for my plane back home from Paris, my eyes caught this book.  And I was very happy when I realized this was the paperback version of Committed, Elizabeth Gilbert's new book.
This is a must-read for all of you who read Eat, Pray, Love, her bestselling and extremely auto-biographical novel about her year spent in Italy, India and Indonesia.  This one is sort of a follow-up, a book that tells us what happens when the other one ends.
But, this is also a must-read for those of you who are thinking about getting married, for those of you who are already married, and for those of you having children or friends thinking about getting married.
Why? Because it's a wonderful book about marriage, about love and commitment.  It's not a novel, at least not a typical one.  We follow the author's own life story, that's right, but in addition to that this is a book who digs into the very core of what a marriage is.  There is history, and there are lots of different anecdotes, depicting what marriage is, and what is has been, and not been. 
For instance, she talks about when intra-racial marriages was illegal, and how ridiculous we see that today, and she predicts that when same-sex marriages are finally globally accepted, we'll look back on today's legal situation and laugh...
The author starts up the book with a strong anti-marriage attitude, and in a way, this is strongly apparent throughout the book.  Being actually forced to marry, or accept the deportation of the love of her life, she is for months travelling and studying, resarching the world of matrimony.
A delightful and instructive read.
If the author changes her view on marriage or not, well, you'll see when you get through the book.

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